The completion of the community property

The handover of the community property has been successful. The handover of the apartments will follow soon.

The facades and technical connections are almost completed. The completion of the garden area will happen in the next few weeks. As a result of the construction progress, we will soon be able to invite the buyers to visit the common property. 



Visit our show flat

Our show flat in the ground floor of house 1 is set up and is looking forward to your visit!  The apartments are ready this summer, already 85% are sold!

The works on the outdoor facilities have begun

The insulation works of all facade areas are completed, so that they are now plastered step-by-step. The completion of the interior is going on in all areas and in February the first apartment will be finished. By the end of February, all elevators will be installed and the stairwells will be completed except some finishing work.

The interior installation of the buildings goes ahead

The screed in house 1 will be laid in the next two weeks. Windows are set up for the complete construction project. All roof surfaces are completed. The facade work has begun. Within the next few weeks, the thermal insulation composite system in House 1 and House 2 will be completed.

All structural work is on schedule

All structural work is on schedule. The ceiling above the first floor has been completed and parts of the project have already completed the second floor. The building services have begun their work. First window deliveries will be made in June 2018.

Construction update from our Oskar & Helene building site

Around 95% of groundwork is finished. The shell of the site’s underground parking area is 100% complete, while 95% of the ground floor is now occupied. In May, installation of the windows begins. The overall structure is due for completion by July..

It’s a good step forward at the construction site in Clayallee

65% of the basement floor slab is completed. 30% of the basement walls are already standing. The first basement ceilings are getting closed in January.

Summer 2017 –
Demolition and earthworks

The existing building on our plot behind the health care center “das eins” has been demolished. Earthworks have started and preparation for the two building structures, Oskar & Helene, is well underway. The development’s structural work is set to begin before the end of September.

Building permit granted

We received the building permit for our new “Oskar & Helene” development at the end of April 2017. Since then, preparations for the start of sales and construction have been in high gear. The demolition of the existing building on our plot behind the “one” medical center, near the Oskar-Helene-Heim subway station, is scheduled to begin before the end of May 2017.